Vigil Monitoring System

Unobtrusive Sensors and Silent Paging

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How Does The Vigil System call for help?

The Vigil System uses passive sensors to monitor the movement of individuals while in their apartments. It then gathers the information about each resident’s activities and alerts caregivers when these activities are outside of their normal or safe behavior patterns.

System Features

  • A bed Exit Sensor can detect when a resident fails to return to bed within a safe time period. This allows caregivers to check for falls or assist frail residents who have left their bed.
  • Incontinence Sensors in the bed alert caregivers immediately when a resident has been incontinent. Should incontinence occur at the same time every night, the Vigil software will record this, allowing staff to toilet the resident and hopefully eliminate the incontinence episodes.
  • Motion Sensors detect wandering behaviors and track patterns with a complete call history log to help with care planning.

Why is silent paging better?

We use the Vigil system to help maintain as calm and home-like environment as possible. The unobtrusive sensors and silent paging remove the need for audible alarms or flashing lights that would agitate anyone with or without memory issues. By providing unobtrusive monitoring without the noise and institutional feel inherent in many nurse call technologies, the Vigil System allows your loved one’s new home to be just that, a home.

Why doesn’t everyone have the Vigil System?

Given all of the benefits that the Vigil System provides you may be wondering why doesn’t every community have it. Vigil is an expensive system that needs to be installed when a building is constructed. It is actually hardwired into the walls as opposed to other less reliable wireless options. It also requires comprehensive training throughout the entire community and a level of greater sophistication across our entire staff.

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